1. CM 16 Carbine Tan(Με Μπαταρια και φορτιστη)


    New product line - COMBAT MACHINE - with high quality construction and finish, from G & G Armament (TaiWan)
    Construction of trunk and barrel from high strength nylon
    Aluminum handguard from non-slip material
    The cocking lever allows the opening of the cover slide to adjust Hop-Up
    Collapsible buttstock 5 seats
    The metal high capacity magazine receives 450 rounds BB
    Metal mechanism with 8mm bearings
    Fully upgradeable mechanism Version 2, compatible with Marui
    Battery batteries up to 9.6V (TWIN pack) inside the handguard (Mini-plug).
    Accepts any single-sling, 2 or 3 points.

    Additional information
    Weight: (gram) 2300
    Main color: Black
    Length: 780mm / 880mm (extended)
    Hop-up: Adjustable
    Type of firing: Semi-automatic / automatic
    Mechanism: Type 2
    Engine Type: High Torque
    Reset Shutter: Yes
    Power Source: Battery to 9.6V
    Battery Type: Twin Pack


    -With Battery and Charger 

     Screw type barrel: Counterclockwise
    Diamteros barrel bolt: 14mm
    Magazine Capacity: 450 Rounds
    Fireball Type: 6mm BB
    Power: 330 FPS
    Rate of fire: 900 ~ 1000 rounds / minute

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