1. M4A1 Carbine - BLACK


    Lancer Tactcial engraved metal gearbox hulls
    Steel gears
    8mm steel bushings
    14-tooth steel piston
    Red anodized cylinder for improved surface finish
    Torque motor
    QD spring guide with steel base
    Spring M90
    Quick spring change (QD)
    Low resistance shielded wiring
    Metal relaxation
    Reinforced expansion block
    Internal parts:
    Precision barrel 363x6,03mm polished brass
    Hop-up block with center wheel (Gen 2)
    50 ° hop-up seal
    External parts:
    High density nylon fiber body
    External metal barrel
    Steel handlebars
    Carry removable handle with steel sight, giving access to a 20mm rail
    Metal front strap fastener
    Crane stock nylon fiber
    Fiber nylon butt tube
    Fiber nylon motor handle (4 screws)
    False steel head
    Steel cocking lever with hi-speed handle
    Steel loader retainer
    Metal (metal) bolt wrestling
    Metal magazine 300 shots (once the magazine armed, it is able to shoot the 300 marbles without being re-neck)
    Semi and full auto
    Battery 9,6V 1600mAh included
    Automatic battery charger included (LED display, the charge is automatically interrupted when the battery is full)
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